The color purple represents royalty, power, dignity, devotion, peace, and pride.

The orchid represents love, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.

purple-orchidSerenity Gardens is proudly represented by the purple orchid because our family (residents) are kings and queens deserving of the highest of quality care as they have exhibited power in their service to provide protection of our freedom.

Serenity Gardens promises to deliver care that will help our family maintain their dignity and pride. We will assure our homes are filled with love and thoughtfulness. We take pride in providing quality care to each individual holistically: mind, body, soul and spiritually in an uplifting, creative, and warming atmosphere.

At Serenity Gardens, we believe maintaining vitality in life is important. As life cannot go on without vitals, so rings true our motto: Life is worth living, so don’t tell me I can’t.

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